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Welcome to our repair shop for small engines, mowers, and other equipment.

35+ years in business. Free estimates to repair your lawnmower.
4804 S Nellis Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Seasonal, call to confirm
8am-4pm, Mon-Fri
8am-noon, Sat
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From the Las Vegas Sun
March 03, 2006

Tom Gorman on the chances the lawn mower is going the way of the horse and buggy

A tribute to disappearing lawns

A lot of people are so concerned about the drought that they've eliminated their grass lawns.

And that's rotten for George and Phyllis Diether. They sell and repair lawn mowers. Their business, The Lawnmower Shop on Nellis Boulevard near Tropicana Avenue, just started its 25th year. And it won't be their best. "In 1988 we sold 250 lawn mowers," George said. "Last year we sold three. Three. There's simply less grass in the valley today than there was then."

Over the years, they've done well by their shop. At one point they had two stores and employed 11 people. George and Phyllis' 10 kids all spent time working there, too, before going on to college.
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